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Are local resources enough to combat Ohio's opioid epidemic?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

by Columbus Dispatch

To Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper, one other underlying issue is the lack of funding from the state government. He issued a statement the morning of DeWine's statewide meeting, saying more talk and PR will not solve Ohio's heroin epidemic.

"Their rhetoric in every forum is, 'Oh, it's up to local grass-roots efforts,'" Pepper said. "If that's true, then give them more resources. Don't take the resources away. Those local communities do, by the way, shoulder most of the responsibility, but they're doing it with the state having taken away millions of dollars from court systems, from treatment, from first-responders like police and fire and from schools."

Gov. John Kasich's proposed two-year budget would remain flat for funding of the anti-drug effort.