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Attorney General on central Ohio’s heroin epidemic: “Change the culture”

Thursday, September 29, 2016

by WCMH TV Columbus

The heroin epidemic has affected families across central Ohio, with dozens of overdoses in just the last few days. Stopping the epidemic was the focus of a community conversation held Thursday evening at Franklin Heights High School.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he thinks changing the culture surrounding addiction and opiates is key to stopping the epidemic.

“When I was a county prosecutor, heroin was something that even people who were doing drugs did not do,” DeWine said. “It was a small number of people, usually confined to the city. Horrible for them, but it didn’t reach out into the suburbs or into the rural areas. And the reason it didn’t, there just was a psychological barrier; people just wouldn’t do heroin. They knew that that was just something they didn’t want to touch. Today, we’ve lost that. We’ve lost that inhibition, we’ve lost that wall, and so we have to kind of change the culture.”