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Hundreds of Ohio Medicaid enrollees at risk of opioid overdose: HHS IG

Doctor shopping, extreme doses suggest fraud is fueling epidemic

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

by Washington Times

Rogue prescribers and Medicaid “doctor shoppers” are using taxpayer-funded insurance to fuel the deadly opioid epidemic, according to a new audit Tuesday that found 1 in 6 people on Ohio’s government-run health program for the poor were prescribed opioids and hundreds of them were at “serious risk” of overdosing.

One Medicaid patient racked up 41 prescriptions from 16 prescribers and eight pharmacies during a one-year period.

Another tapped 15 different prescribers for 22 prescriptions, six of which were obtained from a doctor 145 miles away from home, according to the Health and Human Services Department’s inspector general.