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Marijuana Replacing Opioid Use? Ohio Is Thinking About It

Could Ohio use cannabis to finally help it's opioid overdose problem?

Monday, December 31, 2018

by Psychology Today

I recently gave a talk at the Jewish Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio focused on reducing stigma in addiction. After the talk, I was lucky enough to stay behind and speak to dozens of the attendees about their questions, struggles, and experiences. One mother, whose story touched me in a particularly strong way, had lost two children to heroin overdoses and was hanging onto another son who was using Suboxone to help ease his cravings. She had people tell her that he was just substituting one opiate for another. She was worried. But in Cincinnati, they need all the help they can get. But what if there was a completely different solution?

The use of medical marijuana remains highly controversial across the globe. Many people believe it’s a gateway drug to riskier drug use, and there is little doubt that marijuana use can be problematic on its own. But when it comes to medical marijuana as a treatment for substance addictions, the debate becomes even more heated. Isn’t it just substituting one drug for another? That’s what some people think!