"And I remember when I pushed on her chest I heard that last breath. And I spend my Sundays looking at a gray headstone in a patch of grass. I will be spending all my holidays there because she took that wrong turn."

- Trish, parent of a young addict who died, FBI Film Chasing the Dragon.

"Well, usually if I had stuff a day before, I would always save a bag for the morning times so when I wake up I could get well. I was using it to stay well, so I wasn’t sick. I’m just trying to, uh, you know, to be able to get up out of bed."

- Cory, Young heroin addict, FBI Film Chasing the Dragon

"At one point, I had an, um, abscess in my leg that was so bad, um, it, I had staph infection. Um, when the doctors cut my leg open to clean it out, um, I had maggots in my leg. That wasn’t enough for me to quit."

- Melissa, Heroin addict, FBI Film Chasing the Dragon.

"Get over being embarrassed. What would be embarrassing is not doing anything. "

- John Tharp, Sheriff Lucas County

"The heroin epidemic impacts every ethnicity, education level, and socioeconomic class within Lucas County. Private, governmental, medical, religious, and mental health agencies need to work together in combating this disease; for the sake of our community. "

- Lieutenant Robert Chromik, Toledo D.A.R.T.